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Some favourite remedies

Hi! I've updated the user info, so go have a read if you're interested. I wanted to clarify one of the ways that the use of BFRs differs from homoeopathy.

A couple of my favourite remedies at the moment / recently:

*Sweet Chestnut: this is typically said to be for despair, and so I presumed for a long time you had to be at the end of the line to feel justified in using it. However, I have found it good for when you just think a situation is a calamity and you don't know how you're going to get through it.
Example: Thursday nights have long been tough for me, cos I don't work on Fridays and knew I would not see some of my dear work friends till Monday! By association, my feelings on Thursday nights got worse and worse. After trying lots of other things, I realised the missing link was Sweet Chestnut, because I really thought I wouldn't make it through the weekend. This was despite the fact that every Friday morning I would wake up and think it wasn't so bad and get on with my life! Taking Sweet Chestnut on a Thursday night when I realised I was 'calamatising' helped me get to that insight sooner.

*Walnut: for me, this has been almost a cure-all. It's classically suggested for (resisting) change and (avoiding) getting pulled into other people's spheres of influence, but I've found it helps me let go of a situation I've been 'stuck' on, and enables me to respond to treatment with other Remedies. A quote I heard recently, which seemed to sum up this aspect of Walnut, began "If life is a river, don't cling to its banks". I have also described it as 'a lubricant for change'. On a deep spiritual level it is also connected with the realisation that all things are impermanent.
Example: last year I was madly in love with someone and bottled it up for months. It was getting me more and more wound up and I couldn't stop thinking about it! One night in desperation I took some Walnut, to try and get some separation from this person. The next morning when I woke up I felt fed up with the situation and decided not to think about it all day! Five minutes later, having got this separation, I changed my mind and decided I would tell the person about my feelings that day (a decision which previously would have been impossible)!! I did tell them, and although nothing came of it (bar the temporary embarrassment!), it helped me get on with my life.

So that's fairly 'confessional'/personal!!
Who else has taken any of the remedies, and what have you found?!

Please post! Please tell your friends to join this community!

Any ideas on how I might round up some more people who might be interested in this community?
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