my_other_id (my_other_id) wrote in flower_remedies,

Newbie, CFS/Candida

Hi, I just joined this group.
I have been using resque remedy for years now, to cope with my anxieties/brainfog relating to CFS.
I have recently ben looking into the Candida diet, as the symptoms are almost the same as CFS and I might have been misdiagnosed!
Do any of you know anything about either, and which BFR would be good for me to use?
I hate getting impatient and cranky as I have a toddler and want to be nice for her all the time!
I am taking impatiens and vervain at the moment as well as resque remedy.
I am not quite sure how many drops and how often I should/can take it?
I hope someone here can advise me!
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