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I've been taking a lot of Beech remedy lately. It's really good for a certain kind of PMT where you just want to pick holes in everyone and everything. I'd noticed this tendency for the last six months prior to this, but was always swept along by putting everyone to rights in my head, from my mum to my colleagues to the way the bus driver gives change. Now I can tell it's just a 'Beech state' and get the remedy down me as soon as possible.

Similar but different remedies include:
- Holly. For when you really want to get at someone personally. You hate them. You want to hurt them. Even though (of course...) you wouldn't! (Can be a good combination with Beech.) A book I've recently been reading says underneath this is hurt at how you've been treated.
- Cherry Plum. For when you are just going to lose your head and go berserk/postal/ape. One useful comparison was 'it feels like wearing a jacket one size too small all day' - confined and you just want to rip it off.
- Vervain. For when you're unhelpfully possessed by putting the world to rights, but because of a particular issue or campaign that you really care about, rather than because you're feeling negative and picky about a lot of things.

I'll put up references soon to these two really ace books I've been reading.

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CB x
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